Do you know any hotel owners looking for support with the management of operations?
Introduce us, please. 

One night accommodation, on us. Anywhere in Canada.

In exchange for a successful hotel management contract. 

We know, these things take time. We'll take it.

Upon contract signing, we will offer you a one-night stay, anywhere in Canada, on us. This includes, up to a value of CAN$4,000.00:

  • One-night accommodation 
  • Travel 
  • Meals during your stay (excluding alcoholic consumptions)

Activar Hôtels

is looking to increase its portfolio of managed properties.
  • Manage a hotel's operations and assets
  • Provide operational and financial reporting 
  • Aim to increases sales in all channels and segments
  • Manage human resources 
  • Take care of marketing and communications 

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